The first step is getting to know the customer, listening consciously, understanding what he wants to achieve.
Then, the magic begins and we start to create and personalize the whole project.
Event Idea

Study and design of the EVENT IDEA, profiled and targeted mailing list, identification of the location, that will become “the house that elegantly tells the customer”, choice of catering, preparation, set design, performers, light and sound, press office, definition of guest list and celebrities, identification and selection of possible partners, save the date, design and realization of the invitation, dispatch of invitations and re-call activities; hostess, security services management, gadgets and gifts for guests.

Parterre celebrities

Identification and creation of celebrity list targeted for each event, reception, pick-up and limousine service organization.

Ufficio stampa PR

Media relations, Definition and drafting of press releases, Internet communication and new media.

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